the furniture is a successful amateur rocknroll organization dedicated to the creation and performance of rocknroll music that sounds fun but is sad.  they began in eastern massachusetts in 2014 and have been laughing at their own jokes ever since.  no one has really been paying attention and thankfully, they are still improving.


nicholas g ward is from peabody, massachusetts and plays baritone guitar and sings songs in the furniture.  he's been making music ever since he was a little kid.  he's been in a suspiciously large number of bands, including hallelujah the hills, boston cream, american echoes, thick wild, the animal hospital ensemble, eileen rose & the holy wreck, ho-ag, roh delikat, the diamond mines, and swingtown (the a capella group at his high school.)  he enjoys being the boss in this band, and his power-hungry avarice will likely be it's undoing.  


jeff walsh is from burnt hills, new york and plays drums in the furniture.  he used to be in the sun lions and marconi, has lived in canada, enjoys spy novels, and has perfected an odd method of eating sunny-side up eggs.  he has named several furniture songs and can play one foo fighters song on guitar.  his loyalty to the band is beyond question.


michael o'brien is the new guy and the band will never let him forget it.  he hails from winchester, massachusetts (go sachems!) and plays the keyboard and sings in the furniture.  he used to be in the sun lions with jeff.  he is an accomplished and graceful rollerblader, for which he deserves an enormous amount of respect.  he's secretly the best drummer and singer in the band and the inevitable power struggle with nicholas will be his demise.  


along with making vague, impractical plans for world domination and endless riches, the band enjoys hanging out in their practice space, playing shows, and recording occasionally.  hopefully, they'll play where you live soon.  they've still got jobs, but not for long.  please help them get rich.  seriously.  please.  they need help.  

 mike.                     jeff.                            nicholas.

mike.                     jeff.                            nicholas.