hello! we are the furniture, and we’re about to release a sort of obnoxiously complicated but fun-we-swear triple EP which we’re sort of calling WITHOUT RECKLESS FOCUS. lemme break it down for ya:

on tuesday 2/12, we’re gonna drop the furniture’s 4th release, WITHOUT THE FURNITURE. a 4-song EP that nicholas recorded last may with chris mclaughlin at rubber tracks boston, it is sparsely arranged with baritone acoustic guitar and piano. it is easily the least fun recording that we’ve ever put out.

that same day, we’ll announce two more EPs to be released simultaneously on tuesday 2/26: the 5-song WITH LASERLIKE FOCUS and 6-song WITH RECKLESS CONFIDENCE. these little snapshots were recorded with our pal shaun curran at the napoleon complex in somerville, ma. they belong not-quite-together but definitely right-next-to-each-other. our songs are rock-n-roll songs and we’re proud of all our lil babies and we love them equally.

HOWEVER: Good Long Life and Bird Flu will be released as singles on tuesday 2/19, along with the album art.

we’d love your help spreading the word! feel free to contact nicholas at for any reason whatsoever.

we’re a trusting bunch and not really trying to make money anyway, but don’t post any of this stuff on social media before we do! please and thank you kindly.

love, the best first band in boston.


Listen to Without the Furniture in it’s entirety HERE.

the password is ‘rhinestone’



nicholas ward (of hallelujah the hills, boston cream, and more) on 3D guitar and singing.

jeff walsh (of the sun lions, marconi) on drums

mike o’brien (of the sun lions, nature program) on keyboards and singing.

guest appearances by shaun curran (of soft pyramids), lucy nadeau (of the furniture, long gone, disipline), and megan smith.

art by peach s. goodrich

mastering by kurt schneider

Without the Furniture mixed by pete schluter

legal representation provided by the firm of Goldfish, McGoatally, and Yacht (attorneys-in-alphabetical-order.)