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released February 12, 2018 

nicholas g ward - singing, piano, acoustic and electric baritone guitars.

recorded on friday may 5 at rubber tracks boston

by chris mclaughlin with matt carlson

mixed by pete schluter

mastered by kurt schneider

thanks to evan kenney and jeremy lee given

and thanks to jeff, mike, and lucy for making band practice so fun. seriously, we have so much fun.

long line waiting

one at a time, children. one at a time. i’m from a long line of waiting in line and doing just fine.

so speak in rhyme, soldier. give us a song. making it up as we go along, there is no doing it wrong.

i brought it with me. i know i did.

the drum started beating again. one at a time, children, follow your friends. follow the backs of their heads.

and if you’re angry, just sing to yourself. soldier, your hands look nervous as hell. like you and doing so well.

i brought it with me. i know i did.

i took a picture of a monument with riot gear runnin from protest hummin.

i brought it with me. i know i did.

i brought it with me back to where i live.

i know i did.

never been better

from title page, the openin scene looks like rain then fades away

the speaking part dressing for the job that you want then denouement

and if they ask, just act like you’ve never been wrong like you’ve never been better like you knew all along.

then shooting ends. watch it over over over again and let it end.

and if they ask, just act like you’ve never been wrong like you’ve never been better like you knew all along.

forecast followed by weather.

no good

we do this on rainy days. three can play hearts but you gotta have 4 for spades.

i’m no good at teaching rules and, man, i’m no good at talkin about bad news.

born with those pianists’ hands, it’s the easy way to be a gentle man.

you’re no good at broad daylight and, man, you’re no good at gettin home at night.

i can’t believe that you weren’t hung over. i’d have guessed you were ten years older.

we’ve got the past here we did this last year left em back there half in the bag ‘cause we can watch the fireworks for free.

shot at the moon but you missed one move move over soldier make some room for the newest member of the family.

and i can’t believe you weren’t hung over.

now all the mallrats sing our praises chasing shots with chasers and they steal everything that we did not nail down.

but there’s an angel at our table something evil have you ever done everything you can do with your time in this town?

and i can’t believe you weren’t hung over.

die older than me ‘cause i’m no good at a funeral.

wasted on the youth

a house key. i made a hundred thousand copies of a house key

and the door’s locked. you must have done it quietly if you knocked ‘cause the door’s locked.

there was food in the kitchen. i got up early that year.

we were saving up for the good old days.

the wild life, it’s been keeping up at night, this wild life

and my last breath. i’ve been tryin to figure out how to fake my death. that was my last breath

but the cops never came around and we been hangin ‘round for years.

we were building up to the good old days.

a wasps’ nest. i want a tattoo right here on my chest of a wasps’ nest

and the dog bit. it left that scar right there on yr hip where the dog bit

but now the calendar is screaming as we go rippin through the year

but somehow these marks got their meanings.

it’s somethin that we figured out about the good old days.

now all we do is talk about the good old days.